March 10, 2011   16 notes

“ One of those kids, I was talking to him, he was like “I heard one of your songs on the radio station,” and he was like “it’s cool” and he was wearing a SLIPKNOT shirt so I was like “well that’s cool, I’m glad to see you’re open-minded about it.” It was just a relief, I didn’t want to judge him because of the bands he liked, thinking that he’d go and be rowdy and rude and very macho and stuff. Not that those bands just represent that stuff but somehow the majority of their fans are like that. Every time I always have these preconceptions about something or I show up to a place where it’s a skinhead crowd or a punk crowd, always the kids end up being super cool. I feel like such an ass for thinking the situations going to be bad in any way and they’re all really open-minded. ”

Cedric Bixler Zavala, on fans

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